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The Formation

The time when it all began for the Keon Park Cricket Club...

" 1951/52 was a memorable period in history. King George VI died and his daughter, Elizabeth II, became Queen, And in America, Dwight Eisenhower was sworn in as the new president. The average wage of Australian workers was just 8 pounds a week.

Sporting wise, Geelong won the VFL Premiership, John Coleman (Essendon) won the Goal Kicking, and Roy Wright (Richmond) won the Brownlow Medal. The Olympics were held in Helsinski, with Australia winning 6 gold medals. Australia defeated the West Indies 4/1 at home with the 4th test at the MCG going down as one of the very best in cricking history.

Closer to home, in 1951, the railway tracks did not extend beyond the Reservoir Station and Cheddar road was not divided and still many years from being sealed. Horse water troughs stood outside the Commonwealth Bank on the corner of High Street and Broadway.

Anything past Reservoir could only be reached by foot, or car for the very few that owned luxury. Apart from a few scattered houses, most of the area (north of Reservoir up to Keon Park) consisted of very little other than cow paddocks. 

Although few in number, several Keon Park residents, as part of the local Progress Association, got together and formed the Keon Park Cricket Club. Most of the initial players were already playing at other clubs throughout Jika, and many clearance permits were required.

The first office bearers were Bob Morgan (President), Alan Marsden (Secretary), Des Jervis (Treasurer) and Bill Gee (Captain), with majority of club meetings being held in the Jervis family dining room.

Other local residents, playing in Jika, soon followed to enable Keon Park to compete in its first season of Jika cricket. These foundation players included Clarrie Baker, Norm and Neville Ayre, Max McRostie, Andy Purdon, Bill McCracken and Bob Radcliffe. Bob Radcliffe was a premiership player with the Reservoir Distrcits and also won the Jika Fielding Award in their premiership year.

These experienced players were soon joined by other locals- Jim Cleland, Done Wade, Geoff Osborne, Herb Manley, Kevin Burns snr, Bruce Lakey, Alf Delacorn, Don Greenwood, Max Hopkins, Len Cother, Reg Whelan, Frank Tilley, and youngsters, Bob Murphy, Bill McFarlane jnr, Kevin Burns jnr and Neville Cairns; enabling Keon Park to field 2 senior teams in Jika with an under 16 team in the Melbourne Boys League."

- Casey Radcliffe, 'The First 50 Years'


Since our establishment, Keon park has had incredible success within the competition, with many outstanding team and individual performances making their way into our history books.  Some of our recognised milestones include:

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